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WeCare TLC establishes and manages PCMH (Primary Care Medical Home) clinics that are available to employees and dependents. Your PCMH serves as a medical risk management platform that exploits your unique problematic areas health care spending. Not only are robust primary care services offered, but also occupational health, chronic care management and convenient care. All services performed within the clinic would be at no cost to the patients.

This strategy consistently results in 15-20% cost reduction in health care costs (net the costs of the clinic) across our book of business. Please click here to find out more in our new 90 second video.


Most employers nationwide experience similar healthcare problems. Healthcare costs are rising at rates twice of inflation (or more) and are perceived as having limited opportunities to change. In addition, the local healthcare community does not appear to appreciate the financial challenges they have imposed on employers, nor does the national data indicate that their quality measures support the elevated prices presently charged.

Historically employer solutions have been limited to:

  • Competitive Bidding for networks and services
  • Benefit reductions transferring costs from the plan to patients
  • Increased Employee contributions

The successes of all of the above solutions have been short term and limited. None begin to address the real problem with the healthcare system in the US. The short list of problems accounting for the healthcare problems would include:

  • Lack of transparency in service fees by providers
  • Perception that price and quality are the same – higher price equates to higher value
  • Failure by the healthcare service vendors to address their client’s problems


 WeCare TLC views the critical objectives of the Member Health Clinic to be:

  • Immediate costs reductions
  • Reduced future cost increases
  • Improved access to affordable primary care
  • Improved quality locally
  • Improve healthcare community cost to increase outside industry investments

 Please email info@wecaretlc.com for more info



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