US Corporate Wellness, Inc.

US Corporate Wellness, Inc. was launched at the kitchen table in a small home in the foothills of Colorado. It was founded on the idea that focusing on the individual would have a significant ripple effect.  Not only would the employee’s life be enhanced, but so would the lives of those around her. As a result, organizations could create a strong and sustainable ROI in the form of enhanced culture and overall productivity, controlled health care and disability costs, sick time and turnover.

Now, as we enter our 7th year, we are pleased to report that it’s working – extremely well.  Here are some highlights about the US Corporate Wellness team:

  • One of only 9 national firms to earn Full Accreditation as a Comprehensive Wellness Provider through URAC
  • Currently providing services across 19 states plus DC and growing
  • Achieved top available rating through the Better Business Bureau
  • The home of the Catalyst Coaching Institute, the premier headquarters for wellness coach education and training
  • Our CEO was asked by Thompson Publishing to write their latest book on employee wellness

The strategy?  Engage… Measure… Optimize. While personal accountability must always be a central component, it is supported through personal engagement and an individualized improvement process. Rather than trying to change the core of an individual employee, we work with the individual to help create a tomorrow that is a little better than today.  In doing so, the organization gleans a strong ROI while simultaneously enhancing the lives of their purported “most important asset.”  For details, please see

US Corporate Wellness, Inc., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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