UnitedHealthcare’s core mission is to help people live healthier lives. We do this by continuously delivering innovations that significantly improve the wayAmerica’s health care system works. 

By focusing on ideas that help improve medical outcomes while reducing health care costs, we have grown to become one ofAmerica’s most innovative suppliers of health care solutions and a leader in health benefit programs. We apply careful analysis to one of the largest collections of health care data to solve complex problems, to develop practical technology for both providers of care and consumers, and to advance financial and operational connectivity across the system. 

Because health care is delivered and accessed locally by the people we serve, UnitedHealthcare closely aligns our businesses with local communities. We use our resources and expertise to support consumers, patients, care providers, employers, and benefit sponsors, so that they can make more informed health care decisions.

Our breadth of services and leadership in both private and public programs enable us to adapt to a constantly evolving environment in order to make health care more accessible, affordable, and personalized

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