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Virtual weight loss & wellness for your employees.

Poor life style choices and especially stress cause Weight Gain which is the catalyst for our most prevalent health problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol & blood pressure, heart disease, depression and even some cancers. These in turn lead to low energy levels, trouble focusing, sleeping disorders, in addition to many other health problems. It’s time to offer your employees a program customized to their specific time, budget and needs. Empower them to address the real, underlying causes of their problems and your organization will soar.


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Truth in Numbers

  • 90% of PURE customers lose 15+ pounds in their first 3 weeks
  • 95% of clients report more energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reversal of blood sugar issues, digestive and hormonal disorders just to name a few.

See the program in action by requesting more information at www.pureproactive.com/employer!


What Do Customers Say?
There is a REVOLUTION HAPPENING at ABC Financial Services. People’s lives are being changed forever! – Paul Schaller, President, ABC Financial Services, Inc.
Read the ABC Financial Services Case Study

Company Benefits
• Healthy, rested, energized, happy, motivated, productive employees
• No start up or implementation fees
• Simple roll out, requiring minimal managerial time
• Most employees participate during non work hours
• Guaranteed Results – The only “pay for performance” employee wellness provider

Want a demo? No problem. Visit: www.pureproactive.com/company

Change their body. Change their mind. Change their life and your business. FOREVER.

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