Hubbub Health

Hubbub Health is the simple instant-on solution for companies looking to improve their employees’ overall health and productivity. Using the latest technology and social gaming methods, Hubbub inspires and motivates employees to have fun and be healthy. Early results show engaged players move more, have at least 52 friends supporting them, and lost an average of 3 pounds!

Hubbub’s tools, features and services were created to maximize engagement (make healthy fun!) and provide an easy-to-use turnkey solution without the administrative hassle.

Health challenge platform
Manage, launch and promote healthy activities to your employees. You have the ability to create challenges based on your company’s health goals or rely on the Hubbub network to create challenges for you. The breadth of our challenge catalog also gives your employees the opportunity to customize their experience and work towards their individual goals. As they earn badges and gain levels, employees are motivated with fun while they make real improvements to their wellbeing.

Friends and family access
Hubbub provides a lively, social and flexible way to be healthy and happy by connecting employees with their co-workers, friends and family, and inspires them to challenge themselves and each other. Your employees can invite their friends and family to join Hubbub and participate with them at no extra cost. Adding some friendly competition and social accountability makes Hubbub fun and motivating!

Real-time aggregate reporting
Need reporting fast? View and print real-time analytics including employee health, mood and engagement data as needed.

Turnkey incentive engine
Hubbub’s innovative incentive program allows you to fund your incentive account with a credit card (if you choose), manage your incentive budget, and reward your employees as desired with the click of a mouse.

Receive support in customizing your wellness solution, incentive plan and launch of Hubbub to your employee population.

Health Coaching
Highly trained Hubbub coaches can help inspire your employees, answer questions and provide guidance to help them meet their goals. Employees may work with a Hubbub coach of their choice via Hubbub, email, phone and Skype or participate in coached group challenges.

Health assessment
The Hubbub 360 is a new kind of Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that is shorter and more flexible than the traditional model. Our questions don’t intimidate; they encourage users to answer honestly and gain custom tailored recommendations for their specific needs. Players can compare their results to those of their friends, coworkers and the entire Hubbub community.

Biometric screening (additional fees apply)

Mobile access
Our online platform and mobile app make Hubbub a great solution for companies that are all in one location or dispersed among many locations. It’s easy for your employees to stay connected, check-in, and track their healthy activities from anywhere. Employees can download the Hubbub Health iPhone app for free!

To learn more about Hubbub Health, visit or attend a free webinar.

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