Concentra Well-Being Center

At Concentra, our comprehensive health and wellness programs focus on assisting employers in creating or improving wellness in the workplace. Concentra’s wellness programs seamlessly integrate population-based health promotion activities, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, worksite clinical care, wellness interventions, and occupational health services to optimize the health and performance of the workforce.

Health and Wellness Programs

Prevention is also a key factor in developing and maintaining a healthy workplace culture. A focus on disease prevention through Concentra’s integrated wellness programs and services encourages employee participation in building workplace wellness. Our experts and health specialists can develop targeted health and wellness strategies to help combat employee illness and chronic health issues through health assessments, wellness interventions, health coaching and wellness education.

Wellness Education: Through health coaching and classes, we encourage your employees to change their health behaviors for the better, improving overall corporate wellness.

Wellness Interventions: We provide classroom and seminar sessions to help participants tackle wellness topics such as healthy eating, healthy weight, smoking/tobacco cessation, and reducing the risk for heart disease.

Health Specialists: Our health specialists are available both on site and in-person, and by phone and can work with your team as educators and motivators to help change unhealthy lifestyle behaviors of employees who may be at risk for certain health issues.

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Episodic Events

Our health and wellness services combine primary, preventive, occupational health, and environmental health services with a focus on improving employee wellness and reducing total spending. Concentra’s employee wellness programs can be customized to best suit the health of each workforce through a combination of primary, preventive, occupational, and environmental health services. The primary objectives of each wellness program include:

  • Encouraging healthier lifestyle behaviors
  • Reducing employer health care spending
  • Raising workforce productivity
  • Integrating worker wellness and prevention into medical plans

Biometric Screenings: Concentra’s biometric screenings identify risk factors in employees for future health issues by taking a variety of measurements through a simple blood test.

Health Risk Assessments: Our customized health risk assessments include recommendations and preventive actions to help an individual improve his/her health and reduce health risks.

Flu Vaccinations: Concentra can help you maintain a healthier and more productive workforce by providing convenient on-site flu vaccinations.

Concentra employee wellness video

Our Worksite Health Centers

Concentra brings industry-leading health care experience combined with expertise in the management and operation of worksite employee health center programs to each and every health and wellness employee center. Our dedicated employee health centers can be conveniently located within an employer’s work location and integrate proactive components and wellness services like biometric testing, health fairs, annual preventive examinations, individual counseling, and coaching activities.

Concentra’s employer-tailored, employee-focused health and wellness program at the worksite offer wellness and preventive care services designed to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors in employees and reduce health care spending. Our focus is to prevent illness and injury, promote health and well-being, improve company health culture, and lower the total cost of health care.

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