CHC Wellness

CHC Wellness is an on-site corporate and community provider of health and wellness solutions. Our proactive approach focuses on improved health for the individual and lowering medical spend for the organization. CHC has been in business for twelve years and over that time has grown into a full service provider for monitoring and improving organizational health. Some of CHC’s current offerings include on-site biometric screenings, health risk appraisals (HRAs), flexible incentive tracking solutions, health coaching, walking programs, weight management challenges, claims integration and data analysis.

The true value of the CHC Wellness solution is providing expert wellness solutions to organizations at any point in the wellness continuum. Our exclusive technology platform is designed to optimize your wellness initiatives with personalized strategies that target specific health risks. Our industry-leading solutions deliver better employee health, increased productivity, improved job satisfaction and reduced healthcare costs.

For organizations with little or no programs in place, CHC can be the turnkey solution to implement and manage a best-in-class program. For organizations that are further along, CHC can take the ‘pieces’ they currently have in place and mold those pieces into a cohesive solution that will create long-term behavior modification. CHC Wellness customized incentive programs truly modify behavior. Our programs are data driven with verifiable results.

CHC Wellness uses research-based methods to create all aspects of our wellness solutions. After a goal-oriented planning session, our wellness advisers will design the road map that your organization will follow to achieve its short-term and long-term goals. Integration of claims data, biometric trending and risk migration allow us to provide true measurable results for your investment.

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