Founded in 1992, Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. (PTS), a privately-held company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, USA, develops, manufactures, and markets the CardioChek® test system for the early detection of chronic diseases such as heart disease. The CardioChek® PA test system is simple and convenient to use. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective, and user-friendly method to accurately determine lipid values at point-of-care. In just two minutes, the CardioChek PA test system puts the specific patient data you need in hand. These attributes establish the CardioChek PA device as the standard in point-of-care cholesterol testing worldwide.

Innovation PTS continues to invest heavily in improving every aspect of our CardioChek test system from the analyzer itself to the design and construction of our test strips. The quality of our products continues to improve and the market has responded accordingly.

Connectivity The CardioChek Link® analyzer-to-computer software along with the CardioChek® HRA health risk assessment software offer connectivity solutions that minimize transcription errors, save time, and provide meaningful tools for healthcare providers.

Portability/Storage The CardioChek PA analyzer is handheld and battery-operated. From the factory floor to a remote location around the world, CardioChek is the most viable solution for point-of-care testing where electricity may not be readily available.

Price to Value The CardioChek PA analyzer is nearly half the price of its nearest competitor and consistently lower in price on all test strips. Combined with all of its other competitive advantages, CardioChek delivers unmatched value.

Distribution An extensive distribution network is one of the strongest competitive advantages for CardioChek. With distribution in over 120 countries, PTS is truly a global company that helps save lives around the world.

Ease of Operation Less complexity means less time in training. The simplicity of the two-button operation of the CardioChek saves time and money.

Speed to Result CardioChek delivers test results in less than 2 minutes which provides for immediate counseling opportunities.

Accuracy/Precision The CardioChek analyzer is FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived, as well as CRMLN-certified for total and HDL cholesterol.

Connectivity Solutions The CardioChek® test system offers multiple connectivity solutions that are designed to save time, minimize transcription errors, and provide meaning-ful information for healthcare providers to share with their patients. The most basic is the CardioChek® PA printer solution which records test data on a thermal label that can be placed in a patient’s chart. Our CardioChek Link® software solution provides a CardioChek PA analyzer-to-computer interface which records all patient test results within an Excel spreadsheet. This information can then be mined for analysis and disseminated to additional applications.

CardioChek Quality Controls Our interest in quality doesn’t end once our product leaves the shelf. To be sure our products are always performing at peak level, we provide a complete product line of quality control solutions. Each CardioChek PA device comes with a check strip that ensures the most basic of functions within the analyzer are working properly. Our CardioChek ChekMate™ daily alternative quality control (AQC) provides assurance that the CardioChek PA device, MEMo Chip®, and optics are properly calibrated and functioning within specifications. In addition to performing all of the same functions as the daily ChekMate control, PTS Panels® Multi-Chemistry and HDL Cholesterol liquid controls check the integrity of our PTS Panels test strips and that operators of the device are utilizing proper technique.

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