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  1. Leslie Ousley says:

    Lindsay Hall (Concentra Health Coach) and Chad Lawyer (Concentra Health Specialist) have been such a tremendous addition to both Concentra and Vectren. We hear nothing but positive, wonderful feedback from employees that work them, and they are also great to work with on the employer/client side. Lindsay and Chad (along with the rest of Vectren’s outstanding Concentra Onsite Clinic team) always go above and beyond to provide superior service to our employees.

  2. Peter Lusardi says:

    Chris has been a great asset to our Safety performance, we have a positive realationship with Concentra and Chris acts as a productive liaison.Chris is hands on and is willing to be part of the overall health and safety process and all of the related initiatives.

  3. Bridget Davis says:

    Our Health Educator, Charlene Churchill, is an asset to our employees. Since the day she has joined our team she has been in the shops with our employees. This is a great opportunity for both our employees and our company.

  4. John Dworzan says:

    The Athletic Health specialist is valuable asset to our company Her worrk as been in valueable to our efforts to reduce injuries

  5. Tammi Donaldson says:

    Our center has a long standing relationship with Concentra, and has had a great experience with the medical management professional they provided for us. Our MMP, Curtis Baker, goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to our facility and Team Members, including working an incredibly difficult schedule to ensure our team has the coverage that it needs.

  6. Terrilan Massey says:

    Our employees are so excited about the program. We really appreciate how hard our Health Specialist works with our people; she’s a pleasure to learn from.

  7. Rebecca Spann says:

    Gail Gould, Concentra Health Specialist, has been a great asset to Concentra and Technip. I hear nothing but wonderful feedback from employees that meet with her.

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