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2 Responses to “US Corporate Wellness, Inc.”

  1. Joaquin 'Keen' Garbiso says:

    US Corporate Wellness hands on approach to Wellness provided us with numerous opportunities to succeed. With personalized coaching, various resources and a user friendly website tailored to our employees needs added great value to our program and identified ROI! I highly recommend Brad and his team!

  2. Kevin Hamilton says:

    US Corporate Wellness is one of the few vendors I’ve ever used that not only listened to the ideas and concepts that I wanted to explore, but actually took the time to help develop strategies around what those ideas might look like in actual application. This led to a great open and honest working relationship.

    The ideas and programs we were able to build led to significant impacts in employee health, measured not only by reductions in medical trend, but also increases in employee morale and understanding of programs. These impacts were measured by a sharp increase in EAP usage after rolling out programs (extremely good result), a flat medical trend, increased compliance with recommended annual screenings, and overall participation in programs targeted at healthy behaviors.

    I totally recommend working with US Corporate Wellness – a true partner with integrity.

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4 Responses to “Azoti -Driving material outcomes with local food”

  1. Jes H. says:

    “I already ate locally grown produce and meat. It is just nice to not have to get up early on Saturdays to find these things at the Farmers Market!”
    –Jes, Safelite Group

  2. Sarah says:

    When we introduced Azoti’s offering to our associates the response was overwhelming. We’re proud to be a small, local business and we want to support other small, local businesses, so it makes perfect sense that as a company, we would partner with Azoti. They provided true collaboration to get our associates what they wanted and really came through with fresh food and friendly staff. We are proud to be one of the early adopters to the food revolution and applaud Azoti for their support in this cause.

    Sarah C. – Ologie

  3. Breyn says:

    Azoti’s Farm to Fork Coach was a great help in implementing programming to go along with the food deliveries.

  4. John says:

    Azoti has provided a great service to my company by allowing locally grown food to be delivered on-site, directly from the growers to our employees. Not only is our staff eating the healthiest, freshest food available, they also have a greater sense of community by connecting with the people who grow their food.

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