How does the Marketplace work?

The Healthiest Employers Marketplace is where corporate wellness buyers find qualified vendors. Users can search by company type, location, and keywords. Vendors complete a corporate profile that meets Marketplace qualifications.

Why is there a rating?

Imagine no more long proposal requests or bad purchases. The Marketplace gives users the ability to anonymously rate their experience with vendors. Once the comments and feedback are approved, the information is included in the vendor profile. Vendors use this information to improve their services and offerings.

Who is behind the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is owned and operated by Healthiest Employer,LLC. Healthiest Employer is a non-biased wellness research firm built to bring better information to the corporate wellness buyer. We conduct over forty Healthiest Employers Award programs across the country. As an independent entity, we developed the Marketplace to bring buyers and sellers together.

Why should my company join?

Every day, HR professionals search for qualified vendors. Whether it’s researching a new insurance broker, HRA provider or on-site clinic, these initiatives begin with finding the right partner. The Marketplace connects your company with potential buyers who are looking for your service.

Who uses the Marketplace?

Powered by Healthiest Employer, the Marketplace is used by employers across the country. The Healthiest Employer audience includes organizations from two employees to many of the Fortune 100. Our audience ranges from employers who are just starting their programs, to wellness leaders like Nike, Dell and Safeway.

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